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USO: I'll Be Seeing You

  • Title: USO
  • Authors: Kim Rosenfield
  • Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse
  • Published Date: 2013
  • Description: A parable of performance and service. How does one perform/serve issues of identity, race, politics, and the essential vulnerability of what it means to be human? What is language in service of and when does it go too far? What degrades? What supports? What is heroic? What does it mean to put oneself at risk or in harm's way? This book speaks via the poetry of stand-up comedy to the U.S. involvement in the Middle East and the difficulties of naming the unnamable. "Readingthis text is a full body experience. Breath and heartbeat shift, speed up and slow down. Kim Rosenfield sets this text somewhere between prayer and vaudeville shtick." - Adrienne Harris, Psychoanalyst, author of Gender as Soft Assembly
  • Identifier: 1937027066 | 9781937027063
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