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Victory and Her Opposites: A Guide

Victory and Her Opposites
  • Title: Victory and Her Opposites
  • Authors: Amy England
  • Published Date: 2007
  • Description: Amy England's first Tupelo poetry collection was so distinctive and stimulating that she was said to have quite literally re-created the art form. In this new, extraordinary volume, she shows us that she was just getting started. Combining various mediums to depict and illuminate a unique vision that she experienced while visiting an archaeological excavation many years ago, England has rewritten the rules and fashioned a collection even more surprising. Drawings and photographs entwine with her astonishing poetry and prose to lavishly demonstrate how the fragments and rubble of history goad the imagination into picturing an original and newly created whole. With sharp, smart, and profoundly textured language, the author uses the compulsion of order and pattern, which poetry shares with science, to illustrate how we are influenced and even propelled through time by the weight of our classical past. Amy England is a true original, and this is a stunningly compelling and important work. Amy England received her PhD in English and creative writing from the University of Denver in 1999. Aside from Tupelo Press' publication of her first book of poems, The Flute Ship Castricum, her work has recently appeared in The Best American Poetry 2001, Chicago Review, Hawaii Review, The Seattle Review, International Poetry Review, TriQuarterly, Denver Quarterly, McSweeney's, Fence, Volt, and Fish Drum. She is the editor of Transparent Tiger Press, which publishes poetry chapbooks.
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