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For Want and Sound

For Want and Sound
  • Title: For Want and Sound
  • Authors: Melissa Buzzeo
  • Published Date: 2012
  • Description: Poetry. LGBT Studies. Melissa Buzzeo's FOR WANT AND SOUND is a philosophical lyric in two parts. Part I, Book, is fashioned from a series of testimonial statements investigating boundarylessness—in language, in body, in different states of being, in sites of memory and geography—in water. Part II, Breach, Recoil, acts as a kind of embankment to the uncontained, and possibly contaminated, space and water in Part I, creating the possibility for commentary. Juliana Spahr has described Buzzeo's work as "shimmering and fully complicated." Bhanu Kapil says that in FOR WANT AND SOUND, Buzzeo "let[s] what is written have its own body, its own intensity, and to track that to the place where materials, cells and communities: explode." FOR WANT AND SOUND is published as part of the TrenchArt: Surplus Series, with an introduction by Rob Halpern and visual art by Klaus Killisch.
  • Identifier: 1934254401 | 9781934254400
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