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Want for Lion

Want for Lion
  • Title: Want for Lion
  • Authors: Paige Taggart
  • Published Date: 2014-03-15
  • Description: Poetry. "There's a persistent sensation in WANT FOR LION of being yoked to a mind in full stream. It's faster than you. It foams in a forest of registers. There is work to be done as a reader to reach this new speed: stumbling, knees ripped, I think I have. 'I want to make people feel so small that they think I'm the sky,' says the Poet. I'm here to tell you that's exactly what happens."—Brandon Downing "Paige Taggart punctures identity papers with inky harpoon ritual, process in every line, gone beyond epiphany package. She is a poet who dares to value attention over status when most poems read like elaborate status updates. Her rhythm shakes me out of screen trance into a labyrinth of the gloriously unfixable self."—Filip Marinovich "Paige Taggart's WANT FOR LION is an earth goddess journal that is divine text & scandal sheet, reaching through/across our surfaces with detoxified beauty & the eye of Hecate's owl. Hymns & dirges score the transmorphic in layered registers, tracking some reformed species that resembles ours, desperately in need of re-forming. This book is a chariot pick-me-up, w/ invocations of sweet dreams & the nightmares we just might deserve. Some blessings go unrealized until they're held in the hands. You are holding one now."—Frank Sherlock
  • Identifier: 0988725754 | 9780988725751
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