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War Variations

Variazioni Belliche
  • Title: Variazioni Belliche
  • Authors: Amelia Rosselli
  • Publisher: Otis Books ] Seismicity Editions
  • Published Date: 2016
  • Description: Poetry. Italian Studies. Translated from the Italian by Lucia Re and Paul Vangelisti. Although for much of her life controversial and underrated in her own country, Amelia Rosselli (1930-1996) is now acknowledged internationally as one of the most important European poets of the 20th century. "VARIAZIONI BELLICHE" [WAR VARIATIONS] is her groundbreaking 1964 collection, posthumously edited and to which poems were added in the definitive 2009 Mondadori "I Meridiani" edition. WAR VARIATIONS is a new edition of Lucia Re's and Paul Vangelisti's prize winning translation (Premio Flaiano & PEN USA translation awards, 2006), with entirely revised & corrected texts, as well as the additional poems from the definitive Italian edition. Amelia Rosselli's accomplishments as poet and linguistic innovator remain unique and unsurpassed in her own language and in post-War European literature. WAR VARIATIONS is an extremely moving fusion of the personal and public, within a singularly innovative poetic vision and diction.
  • Identifier: 0986083615 | 9780986083617
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