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Wired to Zone

Wired to Zone
  • Title: Wired to Zone
  • Authors: Skip Fox
  • Publisher: Lavender Ink
  • Published Date: 2015-09-23
  • Description: In this futuristic comic-noir adventure-romance, General Von Steuben and iDex, the vast cloning empire with its dreaded Aught Division, are hell-bent to eradicate the Zero and thereby destroy whatever's left of humanity's dimensional stability. Only Max, a love-sumped, aging P.I., armed with just his two bare hands, "a small boy's notion of doing good," and a pack of smokes, stands between us and their nefarious intention. What unfolds: a blistering riot of tropes strung across a plot replete with a car chase, torture sequence, escape, quest and discovery, an outrageous imperative, a drowning, and even a cliff hanger with lightning and an exploding head. Will Max be able to save his two loves, Maxine and Dolly, from what appear to be horrendous fates? Can Max plant his charge before the idiot-savants at iDex have their way with the Universe? Perhaps. But few things seem less likely.
  • Identifier: 1935084763 | 9781935084761
  • theme_hook_original: google_books_biblio