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You, Me, and the Insects

You, Me and the Insects
  • Title: You, Me and the Insects
  • Authors: Barbara Henning
  • Published Date: 2005
  • Description: Fiction. YOU, ME, AND THE INSECTS is cumulative, thenarrative, detail by detail, drawing the reader into Gina's tense andecstatic experiences as she travels from the East Village to south India tostudy with a Brahmin acharya, a master teacher of meditation, philosophy andhatha yoga. While negotiating daily life in a third world country, Gina alsoconducts a careful examination of her present reactions, as well as her lifeduring the 70s in Detroit when she lived in a bohemian community with herlover and family. Her teacher instructs her in how to transform hersamskara--impressions left from previous actions--so that the present momentbecomes illuminated. Other Barbara Henning titles available from SPD are her poetry collections MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY, LOVE MAKES THINKING DARK, and SMOKING IN THE TWILIGHT BAR.
  • Identifier: 0972066268 | 9780972066266
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