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Embodied Presence: An Introduction (Performance Class)

Reservation Dates: 
Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Please arrive by 6:30 PM to get settled. Class starts promptly at 7PM.


Embodied Presence: An Introduction

(2 Hours)

This class will introduce fundamental practices of cultivating presence and awareness in the body. Inside of all of us lies a vast ocean of experience, knowledge, and creativity. Through the journey of cultivating an embodied sense of presence we can access feelings, memories, and inspiration, which are otherwise out of reach.


In our daily, modern, 'civilized' lives we are often cut off from experiencing presence in the body due to the immense amount of visual information with which we are confronted. We are often distracted from our internal experience. By engaging in practices which build an embodied sense of presence, we are able to make this turn inward.


This class will utilize practices the facilitator has learned mainly through training in butoh (an avant garde dance method), physical theatre, and performance art but this class is not only for performers. The class is intended as an introduction for folks of various experiences and is useful for any kind of creativity as well as simply for life enrichment.


This will be a very physical class and will focus on creative movement as a tool to create presence in the body but you do not need to be a dancer or in any particular kind of shape. Many of the practices will be slow and meditative, while others may encourage urgency. All of it is intended with love and generosity.


I will do my best as a white non-binary queer individual to make this class a safe space for all identities, and I am open to hearing feedback.


I hope to offer more of these classes in a series and would like to use this introduction as a way to measure how much interest there is in this work.



Please wear clothes you are comfortable moving in. Something you might wear to a yoga class will do. Also, please bring water, a pillow if you might need it for floor work, a notebook if you would like to reflect, and anything else to make you feel comfortable and safe.


$10-20 Sliding Suggested Donation

No one turned away for lack of funds


About the facilitator:

Cypress Atlas is a performance artist, singer, and theatre artist who has been creating work publicly since 2013. Their performance work has been showcased throughout the United States in places such as New York City, Portland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and here in New Orleans. Most recently they presented a collaboration with musician Proud/Father at The Mudlark Public Theatre and a solo performance at the Nola Community Printshop. They have taught workshops throughout the country as well.