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Integrate the Past, Understand the Present, Co-Create the Future

Reservation Dates: 
Sunday, October 14, 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Open to all adults
Investment: Sliding Scale $20 - $40
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This special gathering is an agreement to do the work of healing what’s come before in our own lives and in our genetic lineage, receiving specific guidance of helpful shifts in perspectives and practical action to take right now, and being a conduit for shifting the collective consciousness into that of more wholeness, love, and power for all.

We are at a difficult and potent time in history, emotions are high, exhaustion is real, and what is needed is to move out of constant spinning analysis and frustration to access deep soul-level information that can move us forward. 

This time together will be a space for open dialogue where you can bring pain, confusion, hopes, and desires – where you have permission to be in process and to work things out safely.

The group that comes together will have their Akashic Records open so that information from this soul level can come forward to provide a change in perspective and guidance that is needed now. And this information will be used in a BodyTalk session where we each receive healing and are also a conduit of the healing of the Collective. 

To read more about the Akashic Records and BodyTalk go

~Please bring a cushion to sit on.~

Your Hosts:

Laura Jarrait is an experienced Akashic Records consultant and BodyTalk energy healer, as well as a teacher of highest truth that sees and seeks the good of the whole. She also helps women reframe their relationships with food, eating, and their bodies so that they experience pleasure, joy, and true nourishment.

You can follow her work at and

~Katie Walenter is a Reiki Master and Magic Maker and will be setting and holding the healing space for this crucial work. 

In addition to being a Reiki Master practitioner, Katie is a wellbeing instructor, ceremonial leader and spiritual mentor based in the Marigny. She offers energy healing and intuitive guidance both locally and long distance.

To follow her work and receive future event notifications, visit: