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The Dragonfly library is only available at the Dragonfly, at 3921 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans. Books are not available for checkout, but only available for on-site browsing. You can learn more about our library's contents here.

Guest of the Program, A

Author: Christopher Lowe

Here You Are

Authors: Sara Peck and Jared J


Author: Lori Anderson Moseman

How to Avoid the Future Tense

Authors: Liz Magor and Joe Mor

Hudson Review, The, Winter 2013

Editor: Paula Deitz

I Hope You Die

Author: Michael Nicoloff


Immanence 3

Author: Peter Ganick

In the Odes: Confucius and Ezra Pound

Author: Neeli Cherkovski

Inch, Issue 20

Issue Number: 20

Inch, Issue 21

Issue Number: 21

Inch, Issue 22

Issue Number: 22

Inch, Issue 23

Issue Number: 23

Inquisition Yours, The

Author: Jen Currin

Journal, Summer 2015

Issue Number: Volume 39, Numbe


Author: Lauren Gordon


Subtitle: Avant-garde Poems, P

Kitchen Witch

  • Author: Theresa Boyar


  • Author: Pattie McCarthy


Author: Jessica Grim

Look the Universe Is Dreaming

Author: Bill Lavender


Author: Edward Kleinschmidt

Make Loneliness

Author: J. Reuben Appelman