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The Dragonfly library is only available at the Dragonfly, at 3921 Saint Claude Avenue, New Orleans. Books are not available for checkout, but only available for on-site browsing. You can learn more about our library's contents here.

Manifesto for Discomfortable Writing, A

Authors: Antena (a collective)

Maple Leaf Rag V

Subtitle: An Anthology of Poet


  • Author: Pattie McCarthy

Masque of Marilyn, The

Author: Matthew Hittinger

Maximum Gaga

Author: Lara Glenum

Mechanical Love

Author: Milli Graffi

Meridian 38

Issue Number: 38

Moon City Review, 2017

Publication Date: 2017

Morbid Curiosities

Author: Rebecca Meacham

Morning of the Poem, The

Author: James Schuyler

Nesting Instinct

Author: Jesse Nissim

New Madrid, Winter 2017

Subtitle: Imagining Peace

Nights Reading

Subtitle: Burton's Thousand an

Ninth Letter 11.1

Issue Number: 11.1

Obedient Door, The

  • Author: Sean Finney

On Marriage: The Imagination of Being

Author: Douglas Messerli


Author: Christine Herzer

Our Parenthetical Ontology

  • Author: Deborah Poe

Passing Through

  • Author: Peter Anderson

Philip Whalen's Tulip

Author: Marthe Reed

Planet News

Author: Allen Ginsberg

Poemas/Poems: Gerardo Denz

Author: Gerardo Denz

Poetry May 2017

Issue: Volume CCX, Number 2

Poetry Northwest, Fall & Winter 2013

Issue Number: Volume 8, Issue

Poetry, April 2014

Issue Number: Volume 204, Numb

Poetry, April 2017

Issue Number: Volume 210, Numb

Poetry, December 2014

Issue Number: Volume 205, Numb

Poetry, December 2016

Issue Number: Volume 209, Numb

Poetry, February 2015

Issue Number: Volume 205, Numb

Poetry, February 2017

Issue Number: Volume 209, Numb

Poetry, January 2015

Issue Number: Volume 205, Numb

Poetry, January 2017

Issue Number: Volume 209, Numb

Poetry, July/August 2016

Issue Number: Volume 208, Numb

Poetry, June 2014

Issue Number: Volume 204, Numb

Poetry, March 2015

Issue Number: Volume 205, Numb