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One Day Writing Workshop: Voicing the Text

Reservation Dates: 
Sunday, December 9, 2018 - 2:00pm to 6:00pm


One Day Writing Workshop with Visiting Poet Silence Merry Roads 

Voicing the Text is an experimental poetry/performance workshop that combines writing, movement, embodied voice and guided visualization to produce short collaborative performance works using the elements of text, voice, and body. Inspired by the work of CA Conrad and La Pocha Nostra, Voicing the Text is an opportunity for poets, singers, theater artists and performance artists to explore the intersections of language and voice in a playful space.

Registration is on a sliding scale of $10-30 per person.  


Silence Merry Roads is a queer poet and witch currently based nowhere. They are the author of several chapbooks and self-published zines, previously under the name Cynthia Spencer, including most recently Girl Tramp (Horse Less Press, 2016) and Day (2018). They are a graduate of The Evergreen State College with a concentration in text and media arts, and have performed their solo and collaborative multimedia poetic experiments in basements, living rooms and DIY arts spaces across the country for the last six years. They are currently traveling back east from Olympia, WA to dig into their ancestral roots in New York City and the Great Lakes region.