The Dragonfly is permanently closing.
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Thanks for all your participation and support!

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Second Saturday Closing Show

Reservation Dates: 
Saturday, July 13, 2019 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Closing Show for The Secret Fire Exhibit 

with performances by Matthew John Bivalacqua, Michelle Embree and Patrick Wilson: 

MICHELLE EMBREE is a Novelist, a Playwright, and a Spellcaster. 

Michelle will be performing an excerpt from:


The Fifth Element has agreed to offer you a guided glimpse, a peak sense, of the unlimited self. Travel on sound and verse across the many instances of you, the only ever emerging you that you are. Step on-board because you are the voyager courting every moment and this your flight. 


Patrick Wilson was born a human in Destrehan Louisiana, 1986. Through failure, creativity, determination, and rage; Pat has ascended to the lofty title of musician.By the good graces of the rock gods, family and friends Patrick has rocked faces off for the past 20 years...or just killed Zombies as he says. He is heavily influenced by the likes of Les Claypool, Jaco Pastorious and Tom Waits. Pat is best known for his participation in: The Retakes, Three Kisses, The Vurdict, and currently plays bass for Ugly, when he is not killing zombies.


Matthew John Bivalacqua was born in Metairie LA, 1981. Inspired by his loss of his mother and father at a young age, Matthew John began to pursue art as means to create meaning, or in his words, “to share inspirational moments found with an expressive interpretation.” Matthew John received his undergraduate degrees from the University of New Orleans, in Fine Arts and Philosophy, in 2015. In 2018 he received his Masters in Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans. Matthew John’s process draws subjects from his narrative, to express a sentiment, a historical relation, or convey an identity  beyond an object’s or environment’s manufactured function. The surfaces he creates are technical manipulations of traditional practices for applying mediums.  Some of his influences are Van Gogh’s still lifes and David Hockney’s joiner photographs.