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'Writing For Life: Developing A Compass in Our Times' Part 4 of 6

Reservation Dates: 
Monday, October 8, 2018 - 6:30pm to 9:00pm


This six week series of writing workshops is designed to act as an incubator for the development of a narrative of self that is both meaningful and compact enough to make a foundation for powerful writing that grapples with the most complicated personal, universal, and structural matters of our times.

This series is for writers of poetry, memoir, and long and short fiction. These workshops build on one another with a focus on the development of the strength of each writer. 

This work is spiritual, psychological, practical, potentially tactical, and definitively magical. Workshops are writing and reading intensive. We will yield words to the page and devote time to preparing work for contemporary audiences and to defining our purpose as public artists. All of this can be engaged at personal levels of development and desire. 

The intimacy of this series allows for a variance of experience among participants. It is your passion for and commitment to writing that are important to this series. We are each others teachers. 

Experimental, collaborative, and collage writing will be explored and encouraged. So, bring it.

Instructor: Michelle Embree, MFAW
Course Dates/Time: Mondays. Sept. 17th, 24th. Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22nd.
Time: 6:30-9:00
Cost: $187.00 



I. Making a Tool

II. Using the Tool (dowsing) // Gathering Raw Materials // $15 Adverbs // Defining Your Audience (nothing is for everyone) // Making A Haystack // What Is The Narrative Of Your Purpose // Crying Down The Page Or Not

III. Who Will You Be When All This Is Gone // What Do You Contribute To The Motion of The Collective Conscious // Anatomy of A Lie // Pull Yourself Together // Find the Spine // The Implausible and the Inevitable Are One and the Same

IV. Trust Yourself // Witnessing // Archival Poetry // Structure is Style // Suburbanization and Thought // Collage Text // Collaboration & Cross Medium Work // Experimental Searches For Fracture 

V. It’s Good But Nobody Cares // Editing Yourself // Taking Critique // Stripping It Down (one sentence/one word) // Definitive Image (the needle in the haystack) // What Do You Give // What Are Your Demands // Trust Yourself

Vl. Peer Review // Final Analysis and Summing Up



I. Barry Lopez -- Crow & Weasel

II. Doug Wright -- I am own wife
David Mamet -- Excerpts from: Three Uses of The Knife

III. David Warjnarowicz -- Selections from: Close to the knives
Dorothy Allison -- Selections from: Two or Three Things I Know 
For Sure
Alice Walker-- Excerpt from: Letter To A Young Husband

IV. Claudia Rankine -- Selections From: Don’t Let Me Be Lonely
Kathy Acker --Selections From: In Memoriam To Identity & 
Pussy: King Of The Pirates
J.G. Ballard -- TBA
Laurie Anderson -- Audio Selections
Isobel O’hare-- Selections From: All Of This Could Be yours
Michael Quess Moore -- Selections from: Sleeper Cell
Daphne Gottlieb-- TBA

V. Lynda Barry -- Collage/Text
Yoko Ono -- Selections From: Grapefruit 
Yoko Ono -- Audio Selections
Laurie Penny-- Your Orisons May Be Recorded
Marcy Kentz -- Text/Collage 

VI. Participant Readings & Conversation

**** Plus A Continuous Stream of Text/Graphic Visuals & Textures & Audio Collage ***